Top 10 Places to Eat for Under $15 (H-Town Edition)

I am a true Southern Girl and naturally one of my favorite hobbies is EATING! Eating out compared to cooking is not the most affordable thing to do; however, Houston offers a wide selection of restaurants that are perfect for anyone who want’s to satisfy their taste buds on a budget. Here are my top 10 places in Houston to eat for under $15.

1. Pho Saigon: $5.25-$9.00


Located in the heart of midtown, Pho Saigon is a Pho lover’s paradise. For under $10 you can buy a small size bowl of pho and an order of spring rolls!

2. Rays BBQ: $7.25-$13.95


Who doesn’t love BBQ! Skip the chains that tend to be overpriced and venture over to Third Ward for some authentic BBQ made fresh each day. Chicken, ribs, sausage and brisket awaits every customer and every plate comes accompanied with two sides. If you are a student, show your ID to receive 10% off.

3. Island Spice Bar & Grill: $6.00-$14.99


If you want to spice up your night with some Caribbean cuisine and Soca music, travel over to the northwest side of Houston for some delicious, homemade Roti, Curry Goat and Jerk Chicken. All dishes are made with authentic recipes and products imported from the Caribbean.

4. Nidda Thai: $6.95-$14.95


Whether you’re enjoying their lunch special or dinner menu, Nidda Thai is one of the best and affordable Thai restaurants in the city. They also offer a wide selection of wines to compliment your meal. Try the crab meat fried rice or their ginger chicken.

5. Whole Foods Market: Market Price


I know the idea of eating at a grocery store for lunch or dinner sounds weird, but Whole Foods is the perfect place to go if you want a healthy, homemade meal. Both the hot and cold bar offer great options and pizza and sushi are made fresh every day. Additionally, the beauty of Whole Foods is that you can sample everything – even the pizza!

6. Torchy’s Tacos: Avg. $3.50 per taco


Torchy’s has become a premier taco restaurant in Houston. Although it can never replace the traditional taco truck, it’s a perfect place for a fun meal with friends and family. The prices are low, the ingredients are fresh and the tacos are the bombdotcom. My favorite items are the Brushfire taco (beware of the hot sauce) and the street corn.

7. Rincon Criollo Cuban Cuisine: $5.99-$14.99


If you don’t mind venturing outside of the loop, Rincon is one of the best places in Houston to get authentic Cuban food and most of the meals are under $15.

8. Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli: $7-$14


If you are vegan-foodie, Sunshine is the perfect place for you. The restaurant offers both cooked vegetarian meals and a raw food vegan deli. The restaurant also promotes healthy eating throughout the city, so you can rest assured that your money is going towards a good cause.

9. El Tiempo: $10-$15


If you love Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant, you will be a fan of their sister restaurant El Tiempo. Owned by the same family and offering the traditional tex-mex dishes that every Texan loves, El Tiempo has become a Houston staple. While everything on the menu may not be under $15, there are tons of options to choose from during lunch and dinner that are affordable and the large size portions makes it easy to share plates.

10. Frenchy’s Chicken: $5.99-$14.99


I would do Houston justice if I didn’t mention the best Fried Chicken spot in the country! Whether you’re Houston born & raised or a recent-transplant, a Frenchy’s lunch, dinner or a late-night snack is a must-have at least once a quarter!



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