Espana, Mi Amor! (Madrid)

Grandeur, Vino, Scenery, Fashion, Architecture, Food, Art, Music, This is ESPANA! I fell in love with the city of Madrid this summer and I’ve been eager to share my experience. Madrid is known as one of the least-expensive places to visit in Europe and this theory is true! I had an amazing time in Madrid, ate and drank to my heart’s desire, saw all of the sights that I could see, shopped like a Queen and still had enough Euros left over to buy souvenirs in the airport. If you’re looking for a safe and budget-friendly European vacation, look no further than Madrid.

Because Madrid has so much to offer and no real playbook on how to maximize the experience I won’t do a typical breakdown of the entire trip. To be honest, I went to Madrid with no expectations and no itinerary. After connecting with a few friends, I spent the majority of my days wandering through the streets, people-watching and admiring the art galleries, parks, cathedrals and buildings. At night I hopped from one bar to the next trying the various wines and eating as many Tapas as my stomach could handle. I rode public transportation, ate calamari-sandwiches while trying to memorize Spanish phrases, bought an item at every Zara in the city and did I mention the Cava? It was pure bliss.

spain 1

El Tren is very easy to navigate and only cost $2 euros.

My first meal in Madrid after searching the city for almost an hour. Don’t make the mistake of not eating BEFORE the Siesta begins, the Siesta is real, the Siesta is serious, you will be hungry! Pictured above: Cava, Paella, Fish and Patatas aka a foodie’s paradise.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but this is what it looked like on the outside and the inside.

Wanderlust with a coca-cola.

The Royal Palace of Madrid. Stunning!

madrid 2madrid 1madrid 4

Cooled down after a long day of sight-seeing with a refreshing glass of red wine and CAVA. 🙂

I’m obsessed with CAVA.

Traditional Spanish meal: Calamari on toasted bread with a glass of Cervaza. It was amazing.

I could not get over these magnificent structures!


espana 6

The most expensive drink I had was a $7 glass of Cava on a rooftop overlooking the entire city. It was well worth the line and the extra euros that I spent.





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