Spend Less, Save More, Travel Often

Traveling is a luxury that I never thought I could enjoy once I began adulting. However, my mindset changed significantly when I was at happy hour with two friends who seemed to spend more time traveling than they did working.

As I was sipping on a $7 drink and eating a $5 appetizer I began complaining about not being able to afford a NYE trip to Rome. “Zoe if you saved the money that you spent on eating out-you could save up enough money for an international trip.”

A light bulb immediately went off in my head. I gave myself a three month goal to spend less and save more. I started buying my own creamers and flavoring to spice up the office coffee, I limited my happy hours to networking events, I began taking my lunch to work each day-significantly cheaper. By the time Thanksgiving Cyber Monday sales rolled around, I had saved $500 to spend on a plane ticket.

This lifestyle change has allowed me to take four international trips in the past 6 months.┬áSaving as a young professional can be intimidating, especially when you’re barely making ends meet. However, if you think of it as swapping luxuries you can greatly increase your savings. The average American spends an annual average of $1043 on eating out for lunch. That equates to a round trip ticket to Europe or three round trips to a beach resort-flying Southwest or on a flight deal.

The concept is quite simple? Save more, spend less and travel to your heart’s desire.


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  1. I am duly impressed! By the time you’re my age, at this rate you’ll have been to every country twenty times and then some!

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    1. 'Jadore says:

      Thank you. That’s the plan!

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